Our Mission

The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society promotes knowledge, leadership, and standards of excellence in water gardening and related aquatic plant areas.

The Society is a non-profit organization of multinational membership dedicated to the furtherance of all aspects of water gardens and their associated plants. As an organization we support and promote education, research, and conservation in these areas.

Our History

When people become serious about a subject, they acquire a never-ending thirst for additional information while looking for others to discuss common interests. Dedicated waterlily folks are no different. Back in 1982 there were few people in the profession and even fewer avenues for sharing mutual concerns.

Something as simple as determining a waterlily’s correct name was extremely difficult since there weren’t standard descriptions or accurate live examples for comparison. News of recent hybrids and introductions was almost non-existent. Even the most basic water gardening information was scarce in print. There were no waterlily or water gardening groups at any level – hobbyist, academic, or professional.

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2017 AGM minutes

Minutes from previous Annual General Meeting below:

2017 AGM Minutes