As a benefit to our members, the IWGS offers two special annual events. We hope you’ll join us for our annual Symposiums. And of course, stay tuned for each year’s announcement of our New Waterlily Competition winners.

Annual Symposium

The IWGS Annual Symposium is filled with educational seminars, networking opportunities, great food, and plenty of fun. Speakers from all over the world provide the latest information on waterlilies and all things water gardening. Past Symposia have been held in Canada, China, France, Germany, Thailand, the UK, and the US. View photos from past Symposia.

The 2018 IWGS Symposium will be held at San Angelo, Texas - details here.

New Waterlily Competition

In order to promote interest in hybridizing new colors, forms, and increased frequency of blooms of various sizes of both tropical and hardy waterlilies, the IWGS conducts an annual competition where hybridizers display their new creations. This exciting competition has resulted in the introduction of noteworthy new hybrids: plants with unusual flower shapes and colors; new leaf patterns and colors; and new viviparous lilies. 

What Judges Want - heavy blooming or improved blooming of similar plants cultivars, unique flower colors not already in the marketplace, ability to withstand extreme cold or warm temperatures without adverse effects, noticeable or intense fragrance, absence of deformities or irregularities, strong foliage that remains close to the tuber rather than elongated stems, unique foliage color and distinct or unusual favorable characteristics.

The IWGS has held the New Waterlily Competition for 14 of the last 16 years. Approximately 40 hybridizers from 9 countries have submitted over 200 entries. Many of these new waterlilies are available for purchase, so be sure to keep your eye on these beauties as you will want to add these to your water garden.

Hybridizers entering this year's competition who wish to donate toward the operating costs of the contest can do so via PayPal:

New entries for the 2018 New Water Lily competition are now being accepted.  

Copies of the entry form (for reference only) can be found here in PDF and Microsoft Word formats: PDF - 2018 NWC Entry Form; Word Document - 2018 NWC Entry Form

The rules of entry can be found here: PDF - 2018 NWC Rules; Word Document - 2018 NWC Rules