Water Garden Journal, 3rd Quarter 2015


  •  Presidents letter
  •  Club Corner
  •  Home Gardening Primer
  •  Growers Corner
  •  Online Community
  •  Expert Corner
  •  IWGS 2015 Symposium
  •  IWGS 2015 Pictorial 

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Water Garden Journal, 1st Quarter 2015




~ Presidents letter
~ Club Corner
~ Home Gardening Primer
~ Collectors Corner
~ Invasive Species Law
~ Events Calendar
~ IWGS 2015 Sympsoium

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2015 IWGS Symposium

Please click here to learn about  the IWGS 2016 Symposium in Merida, Mexico.   The 2015 IWGS Symposium will convene in Lawrence, Kansas, August 13th – 15th 2015. Plan to arrive Wednesday August 12!  If you are flying, your destination is …

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Water Garden Journal 3rd Quarter, 2014


In this Issue:

  • President's Letter
  • Club Corner
  • Home Gardening Primer
  • From the Library
  • IWGS 2014 Symposium
  • Grower's Corner
  • Lost Lilies
  • Made In Germany


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Water Snowflake

Water snowflake (Nymphoides spp.) is part of a large family of what are commonly called waterlily-like plants because their leaves float at the surface of the water while the roots are anchored in soil below – much like the habit …

Wanvisa earns ‘Best New Waterlily’ – 2010

A hardy waterlily was named Best New Waterlily for 2010, acing out 30 other entrants in the competition sponsored by the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society (IWGS).  Nymphaea ‘Wanvisa’ is the first hardy variety to be named ‘Best in …

Planting Your Pond: Design Considerations

You’ve seen the house before. The one that sits in the middle of the block looking like it stepped outside with no clothes. Trees haven’t been planted so there’s no leafy fringe to shade it from the sun. It’s void …

Easy Steps to Plant a Potted Waterlily

Waterlilies come in a variety of colors and are easy to grow, making them a favorite choice among water gardeners. If you’d love to try your hand at growing these beauties but don’t have a pond yet, you can grow …

Marsh Marigold

Caltha palustris What does a beautiful, water-loving flowering plant in the Buttercup family have in common with a 1958 horror movie starring Steve McQueen and one of Shakespeare’s plays? Stay tuned… Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris) is one of the most …

Knock-Out Water Lilies

To grow knock-out, show-quality water lilies in your pond, only three cultural requirements are necessary: Full Sun – This means at least seven or more hours of unobstructed sunlight per day. While some varieties will tolerate less and still bloom …