Water Garden Journal, 1st Quarter 2017

Spring 2017 Water Garden Journal cover

Spring 2017 Water Garden Journal cover


Spring 2017 Water Garden Journal


~ President’s Letter

President Susan Davis reviews recent board actions.

~ Home Gardening Corner

Six great ground cover plant choices for the pathways around your pond.

~ Event Report

A preview of the 2017 IWGS annual Symposium in Pennsylvania, USA

~ Events Calendar

Upcoming water gardening events.

~ Book Review

Subir Ghosh reports on the book, “Illustrated Aquatic and Wetland Plants in Harmony with Mankind.”

~ Post-Symposium Report

Demi Fortuna shares a tale of great adventure in pursuit of the American Yellow Lotus in Mexico.

~ Expert Corner

Mike Gannon discusses how keeping Koi and goldfish can help children with Autism.

~ News Brief

Evidence of water plants in the diet of early humans.


If you would like to submit water garden content for the next edition of the Journal, please send your submissions before June 1 to KathyJentz@aol.com

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Spring 2017 Water Garden Journal

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