Water Garden Journal, 1st Quarter 2018

Spring 2018 Water Garden Journal

Spring 2018 Water Garden Journal


- President’s Letter

President Susan Davis outlines the new IWGS.org web site improvements in process.

- Home Gardening Corner

Planning renovations.

Behind the Scenes

Rich Sacher confesses the tribulations of being a waterlily judge.

Expert Corner

Mike Gannon demystifies black koi.

- Travel Report

Gianluca Bonomo takes a trip to America to meet his online water gardening friends.

See all of the photos from Gianluca’s trip at the IWGS Facebook page in a photo album entitled “Travels with Gianluca Bonomo.”

- Top Plant Pick

Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana

- Symposium Preview

Rolf Nelson tells us what to expect at the 2018 IWGS meeting in Texas.

- In Memoriam

Mary Mirgon

- In Memoriam

Virginia Hayes

- Travel Report

Denver Botanic Gardens through the eyes of Sander Dekker.

- Plant Research

Sander Dekker shares his experiences in growing tropical waterlilies in a northern climate.

If you would like to submit water garden content for the next edition of the Journal, please send your submissions before June 1 to KathyJentz@aol.com. 

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