Water Garden Journal, 2nd Quarter 2018

Summer 2018 Water Garden Journal


President’s Letter

President Susan Davis requests your submissions of non-aquatic plants grown in water gardens.

Home Gardening Corner

Healthy summer pond tips.

Book Review

A new edition of "The Tub Pond Handbook" reviewed.

Event Preview

2018 Chenshan International Waterlily Symposium in Shanghai.

Online Community

Hashtags decoded.

Expert Corner

Mike Gannon describes how to control string algae.


Second recipient announced. 

Container Lotus

Tips for container-grown lotus. 

From the Vaults

The story of the great Crystal Palace, its creator, Sir Joseph Paxton, and his inspiration, Victoria regia.

Symposium Preview

Rolf Nelson tells us what to expect at the 2018 IWGS meeting in Texas.


Demi Fortuna analyzes Gordon T. Ledbetter’s prescient “Profile of the Modern Water Garden.”

Event Calendar


Anita Nelson details building an active bog filtration system.

Plant Research

Zijun Li describes breeding waterlilies on a rooftop.

If you would like to submit water garden content for the next edition of the Journal, please send your submissions before September 1 to KathyJentz@aol.com. 

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