Water Garden Journal, 3rd Quarter 2017

Fall 2017 Water Garden Journal Cover


IWGS Water Garden Journal Fall 2017 cover

IWGS Water Garden Journal Fall 2017 Cover image

Fall 2017 Water Garden Journal


~ President’s Letter
President Susan Davis spotlights the recent devastation of public gardens from recent natural disasters.

~ Home Gardening Corner
Adding “magic” with night-time lighting for your pond.

~ Top Plant Pick
Kelly Billing describes the Golden Club (Orontium aquaticum).

~ Event Report
Marc Marrero and Vicki Aber describe their experiences attending the recent 2017 IWGS Symposium in Pennsylvania, USA.

~ Online Community
Kathy Jentz spells out why image is everything in social media. 

~ From the Vaults
Kirk Strawn shares the results of his hybridization of hardy waterlilies. 

~ In Memoriam
Craig Morell of The Kampong remembers Larry Schokman.

~ Expert Corner
Mike Gannon explains how leaf jams can cause leaky ponds.

~ On the Cover
Victoria waterlilies at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA, USA. Photo by Kathy Jentz.

If you would like to submit water garden content for the next edition of the Journal, please send your submissions before December 15 to KathyJentz@aol.com. 

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