Water Garden Journal, 4th Quarter 2017-18



Winter 2017-18 Journal cover

Winter 2017-18 Journal cover



- President’s Letter

President Susan Davis introduces us to the European Waterlily & Lotus Association.

- Home Gardening Corner

Edging your pond can really set it off.

- Top Plant Pick

Iris laevigata ‘Variegata’

- Event Reports

The first National Symposium on Aquatic Plants and the first National Waterlily Culture Festival.

-  New Waterlily Registrations

The 25 new Nymphaea (waterlily) hybrids registered in 2017

- New Waterlily Winners

John Sou announces the prize-winning new waterlilies of 2017. 

- Online Community

Beginner Twitter tips. 

- Expert Corner

How to de-ice a koi pond.

- Plant Research

Jim Purcell delves deep into Water Hawthorn growing.

- Symposium Preview

Rolf Nelson tells us what to expect at the 2018 IWGS meeting in Texas.

- New Lotus Registrations

The 28 newly named lotuses in 2017 are pictured and described.

- Travel Report

New Orleans through the eyes of Sander Dekker.

If you would like to submit water garden content for the next edition of the Journal, please send your submissions before March 1 to KathyJentz@aol.com. 

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