SYMPOSIUM SUMMARY: St. Louis, Missouri

2010 San Angelo_Aquarius (1)

Our second annual Water Lilly Society Symposium came to a close  in St Louis just a few short months ago, but its not too soon to start thinking about attending our Denver Symposium. Let me share with you just a few things that you “non-attendees” missed at St. Louis.

This was hardly a social gathering although everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. This was a gathering of enthusiasts! From the pre-symposium trip to Ozark Fisheries to the end of symposium  behind the scenes  tour of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, there was excitement  at every turn. The speakers were superb, and the topics were right on the money!

Speakers were: Don Bryne, Ray Davies, Barbara Dobbins, Bill Heritage, Wade Mahlke and R. D. Steinback.

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