2010 San Angelo_Pink Platter

The mile high Denver Botanic Gardens, the Colorado Water Garden Society and the Rocky Mountains are awaiting your arrival in Denver, Colorado for the third annual International Water Lily Symposium.
Three days of programs are set between two very different Optional tours, and you will have ample time to visit the exceptional collection of water plants at Denver Botanic Gardens.

Every effort is being made for as diverse a program as possible, covering landscaping with ornamental aquatics, propagation and hybridization, species, lilies down under, other than water lilies, koi and pool building. Speakers are coming from both halves of the globe as wellas from the Denver Botanic Gardens, and will include some of your ever popular sources of information, such as Patrick Nutt, the Slocums, Walt Wicklein, Kirk Strawn and Tom Reside.

Together they have helped to create a program  to be remembered! You will also delve into history, see what is new in books, meet some of the authors and be able to explore the many facets of water plants in the large display setting at Denver Botanic Gardens.

Read more in the Water Garden Journal Vol. 3-1 and 3-4.