SYMPOSIUM SUMMARY: Garden Grove, California

Crinum americanum (Bog Lily)

Wasn't that a wonderful symposium which we just held in Garden Grove?  Vergil and Marilyn Hettick that, a lot of hard work into bringing it all together and I wish to commend them for outstanding service to our society. They had lots of good help from their planning committee - Walter Pagels, Stephne Sheatsley, Virginia Hayes, Virginia Thomas Crum, Charles Thomas, Frank Manwarren and Barbara Dobbins — not necessarily in that order, of course. For those members who were not there, the Hall of Fame Awards were presented to Walter Pagels and Bi11 Heritage. Congratulations to both Walter and Bi11 for outstanding contributions to the water lily field.’ I liked those afternoon tours to outstanding gardens and koi pools during the convention. With lecture sessions restricted to mornings and tours in afternoons for two days, these variations made the symposium much more interesting and enjoyable. How about that display of hardy water 1i1ies at Frederika Manor Retirement Home?. On Saturday we tried something new-. Two and sometimes three programs taking place at the same time. There were some programs directed toward the beginner in water gardening,  some towards the dedicated water gardener and at least two programs for professionals. I heard both good and bad reports about this "bunching up" of programs.

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