Nymphaea ISG1_1st day


This is the first time we have held our symposium in a non-English speaking country. It has been organised with the help of the German water lily growers association — ArbeItskreIs Nasserpflanzen. Many, many hours of work has been put in by their President - Karl Nachter - without whom we would not be seeing most of the very interesting water lily establishments that we are visiting. Thank you Karl Hachter.

Munich is a very appealing city set in the prettiest state in Germany - Bavaria. On our bus rides we will see many fantastic towns, little changed since the Middle Ages. Those taking the three day post-symposium Tour will travel from the very south of Germany to the very north of Germany seeing on the Journey most of the places of water lily interest in former Western Germany. Our average Journey on the post-tour will be 170 miles a day. You will see  the Danube, Heser and Rhine rivers. You fly home from Hamburg. As I write this we live in unhappy times. I refer to the Gulf War. Let us hope that a satisfactory peace has been established by the time you read this. I hope it will be possible and you w1'll make every effort to attend this symposium in Germany. If our numbers are too low the symposium will have to be cancelled. It will be many years before we get such a chance again . Countless hours have gone into organising it with the Germans.

The Hilton Hotel was the cheapest hotel we could find 18 months ago when we had to book it. The package deal is extremely good value for money when you consider that this Hilton has a "five star  standard, and its in the most expensive city in Germany and we are at the height of the holiday season. If you take the full 5-day package you will have very few other expenses. For Instance, there is a "courtesy coach" from Munich Airport to City Hilton Hotel. (There are two Hilton Hotels in Munich. Do _not go to the Park Hilton Hotel.) You often hear people say "they have not time to do a thing". Others say "you make time for things in this life or you do not do them".

You often hear people say "I cannot afford to do it". Others say " ‘just do it and you find you afford it".
I hope to see you at our symposium in Munich on 1st August.

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