SYMPOSIUM SUMMARY: West Houston, Texas

Lonestar Aquatic Nursery

The lWLS is proud to present to you an exciting, educational, and fun filled week for our 8th annual Symposium. You will be treated to seeing one of the most extensive  collections of both new and old varieties of water lilies anywhere in the world when we visrt' Strawn Water Gardens. You’ll have a chance to review the incredible creations of a number of hybridizers when we visit the Water Lily Trials at Mercer Arboretum. At Lilypons Water Gardens you’ll see large scale greenhouse production of aquatics as well as a large collection of tropical water lilies and numerous display ponds. The extraordinary private water garden of Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Mendelow will inspire you to great heights in landscaping.
As if' this isn’t enough to entice you to join us, we have an outstanding educational program planned for you. Many authoritative speakers will be sharing their knowledge With you. We are especially pleased wrt'h the number of members who responded to our call for papers  and are ready to share their wealth of knowledge wrth' you. Thank you one and all for your support of this program. We will also have an “Evening with the Hybridizers" when we can relax with a cup of coffee after dinner and view their newest "works".
The post symposium tour offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Texas's Hill Country and the wonderful ambiance of San Antonio. You’ll be visiting San Marcos and Southwest Texas State University' where we’ll enjoy a reception, the film “The River of
innocence", and an aquatic plant workshop. Other highlights in San Marcos will be Aquarena Springs and it's glass bottomed boats, the State Fish Hatchery, and fun on the crystal clear San Marcos River.
In San Antonio we’ll dine on barges traveling along the river and enjoy a margarita (or 2), a Mexican feast, a Mariachi Band, and the activities along the river. We’ll visrt' the Alamo and see the IMAX Theater Presentation, "Alamo - The Price of Freedom‘. Our Post Symposium travels will take us to Lakeside Gardens, the home of Dr. and Mrs. Clyde lkins ln Bandera. The lkins have beautifully landscaped water gardens and a vast collection of water lilies assembled over the past 60 years. We’ll enjoy the lkins warm hospitality' as they treat you to a luncheon barbecue, music, and fun. The San Antonio Botanic Gardens beckons us With their water gardens and their futuristic conservatories and then it is on to Water Garden Gems and Burt Nichols’ state of the art filtration system which maintains his extensive offerings of Japanese koi and exotic goldfish.
So make your plans now to join us In July and August in Texas. We look forward to treating you to warm Texas hospitality and a great program. Y’all come now!

Read more in the Watewr Garden Journal Vol. 8-1.