1996 Latour Marliac grounds

Le Tem p le-sur-Lot - land of warm welcome and natural treasures, thanks to its geographic and economic position, thanks to its agricultural production and cul­ tural herit age. Le Temple-sur-Lot - cradle of the water lily  - which has been for these past days the focal point of the 12th annual Symposium of the International Waterlily Society.

It is for this event . at this most respected place, that we are united. Let me, on behalf of the Municipal Counsel of Le Temple-sur-Lot,wish you the greatest wel­come to all of you who have come from such diverse back­ grounds. Although your visit is brief, we hope it gives you a point of interest. of satisfaction and enthusiasm.

What is Le Temple-sur-Lot? A small rural com­mune on the way from the south of France to the Ocean via the Massif Central. Set on the banks of the Lot River, which flows briefly past our Marina, usedy fishermen and pleasure boaters, it is known to the outside world for the products of Minoterie Genestou (the flour mill). Fromagerie de Broe ( the cheese producing dairy), Et abli ssement Longesserre (the prune factory) and, of course, Etabli ssements Botaniques Latour-Marliac. These businesses have penetrated traditionally difficult markets, to promote the name of Le Temple-sur-Lot .Le Temp le-sur-Lot isnown for two things in par­ ticular - The BaseNautique Centre Spor tif et de Plein Air (Water & Open Air Spor ts Centre) is internationally re nown as a team training centre for various disciplines, notably basketball and Avirons (Sculls), among others. To increase the ability of the sports centre to serve this development of excellence, future expansio n of facilities is planned.

And we also boast Etablissments Bota niques Latour-Marliac,the oldest business in Le Temple-sur-Lot . We honor its founder, who created, expanded and devel­ oped the reputation of this place. This long work de­ manded strength,will and perseverance, a work contin­ ued by his descendants, to whom we of Le Temple-sur­ Lot express our gratitude and admiration.

EtablissementsBotaniques Latour-Marliac has been recently acquired by Mr. & Mrs. Davies. aquatic nursery professionals from Britain, who have opened a new chapter and added a new dynamism to this project. The Davies' play a realart in the economy of Le Temple­ sur-Lot (village,) and also of the Lot-et-Garonne (county). Let me restate that the Municipal Counsel is interested in your work and offers you their encouragement and good wishes. It is the responsibility of this counsel to promote developments which affect this commune and to promote collaborative efforts with private enterprise projects. Ladies and Gentlemen of the International Wa ter Lily Society, we hope that your experiences at Le Temple-sur-Lot  will  seduce you and persuade you  to come back again. Read more in the 1996 WGJ issue 12-3.