2001 Waterlily Competition Winners

This year we had seven hardy lilies and sixteen tropicals entered. As in previous years, there were only a few dwarf or small varieties. This was the first year we had separate awards for hardies and tropicals, which were displayed separately.

We also implemented a few other enhancements.Photographs of the waterlilies were taken. Prints of all entries were posted with their name, description, and hybridizer for general viewing during the cocktail hour and slides of the winners were shown at the banquet. Other changes this year included encouraging entrants to donate their lily to the auction were auctioned off) and the bidding was quite fierce.

The hardy waterlilies did not all perform well, with a few not in bloom and no buds evident. Additional growout time would have been beneficial and is planned for the 2002 competition. Without any dwarf or small entries, the competition was extremely close in the medium/large tropical category. All looked terrific – there were no mediocre entries. That was reflected in the final scores with less than a 600 point spread between the highest and the lowest (from a total available of 35,520 points). Only 81 points separated the top 5 lilies; 255 between the top 10. The top vote—getters were Rich Sacher’s lilies, ’Mahogany Rose’ and the runner up ’Bourbon Street’, however he was ineligible for the Banksian according to RHS rules since he won the medal within the last two years. So this year’s Banksian medal winner went to the next highest point-getter, which was very close in points.  On behalf of the Banksian Committee and the lWCS, thanks to the entrants for the best competition we’ve ever held.

2001 Best in Show – Banksian Award Waterlily


Nymphaea ‘Serendipity’
by Craig Presnell/Luster Aquatics


Best Dwarf – Small Hardy Waterlily

Nymphaea ‘Perry’s Baby Red’

by Perry’s Water Garden

Best Dwarf or Small Tropical Waterlily

None entered

Best Medium or Large Hardy Waterlily

Photo credit: Florida Aquatic Nurseries

Nymphaea ‘Moon Dance’

by Florida Aquatic Nurseries

Best Medium or Large Tropical Waterlily

Photo Credit: Rich Sacher

Nymphaea ‘Mahogany Rose’

by Rich Sacher