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The 2004 Symposium attracted a smaller crowd than usual, a situation that made networking easy, especially with the mentors who made sure everyone knew everyone else. We asked
registrants how long they’d been water gardening and the average was about 18 years per person. So it’s no surprise that “networking” and “learning more” continue to be the Symposium’s favorite aspects. Attendees want to keep expanding their knowledge about growing, displaying, and/or selling aquatics. Talking with a wide variety of folks from around the world is still the best way to compare notes about new techniques and favorite aquatic plants to try. The opportunity to get good photographs was a Symposium highlight for many, especially of new and/or accurately named waterlilies. This year it seemed that digital cameras were in the majority, with people immediately showing thelr' images on the bus and after hours in the lounge. If you have some images to share of aquatic plants and/or people, please send or email them to the office. We are building a library of images that can be shared online and used for education and  publicity.

One unexpected but exciting aspect of the Symposium was a look at new generations of water gardeners. Ages spanned from a little  baby to a few in their 80’s, and all generations in between. The gaggle of teens and pre-teens had a wonderful time hanging out together and obviously had lots of fun. Although they didn’t expect it, their family vacations turned out to be “way cool.” We also benefited by having some younger presenters with new perspectives and unique hands on experience.

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