SYMPOSIUM 2008 Richmond, Virginia, USA


2008 Virginia_greenhouse2

Imagine beginning your day by visiting a commercial glass greenhouse establishment and learning various methods about irrigation (boom— ebb and flow), aquatic plants, and green roof projects. Then moving on to a biological research station whose emphasis is to re-introduce native pitcher plants (Sarracenia flava and  Sarracenia purpurea) and restore bog habitats in both Virginia and Maryland. The day wrapped up at a retail garden center where water garden design and installation is offered. The next morning was spent in an angelic moss garden outside of Richmond, drinking homemade lemonade and dining on delicious ginger snaps. This garden was created with what nature offers and in this case, it offered the owner seven to nine different species of moss amongst other special
plants, creating a truly spectacular setting. From there, members visited Celebration, a private home and garden area utilized for weddings. On from there we visited a water garden design, build, and implementation firm where IWGS members ooed and ahhed over the water garden display area and products offered. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens  welcomed the IWGS with group tours of the garden where members were left feeling refreshed and educated about not only plants but also botanical artistry. Afterwards, the symposium lecturers offered its audience a plethora of information covering aesthetic landscape lighting, international
commercial aquatic plant operations, current academic/scientific research, and sharing of plant exploration adventures to the Amazon.

For more information on this symposium, go to the 2008 WGJ Vol 23-3 issue.