IWGS poster 2018

Those who were unable to attend this year’s IWGS missed a treat. The whole program ran like a dream thanks to the hard work put in by all the organizers.
A well-considered range of speakers provided wisdom and inspiration on a range of related subjects. Not one yawn or snore emanated from the attentive and enthusiastic audience. We were all lapping up the images of crystal clear ponds and luscious waterlily blooms. There was enough scientifi c fact and propagation  advice to satisfy the serious growers and certainly make my head go round and round. One could say that the waterlilies stole the show. When we arrived in the evening, the weather was unsettled and it seemed to have this effect on the plants. The Day Bloomers had all but closed and the Night Bloomers were reluctant to open. Then the first of the magic occurred with Nymphaea lotus var. dentata suddenly spreading her wings and opening in minutes as we watched transfixed.
The next morning, it seemed that few jaws failed to drop at the sight before us. The tanks were a profusion of blooms, both Night and Day. Every color was out on display. The great N. ’Blue Cloud’ seemed to smile majestically over the other beauties and it was hard to pick a favorite. This display was testament to the dedication and perseverance of the breeders to whom we all owe a great debt of thanks. We must thank those from China, Australia, and United States of  America for enriching our lives with so much splendor.

For more on the 2018 IWGS Symposium, read  the 2018 WGJ Vol 33-3.