Glittering Prizes Across And On The Pond—The RHS Awards Of Garden Merit 2022

RHS Awards Of Garden Merit 2022

What makes a plant not just garden worthy, but highly recommended for its looks, hardiness, and interest for the amateur gardener? In the UK, look out for the acronym AGM–Award of Garden Merit, created and awarded by a panel on behalf of the Royal Horticul­tural Society (RHS). Read the full article here.
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In Memoriam: Remembering Kit Knotts, 1943-2023

When I first met Kit at my nursery in 1996, she was already a prolific grower of waterlilies. She invited me to visit her in Florida, where I joined her in giving a joint lecture on tropical water lilies at a Merritt Island nursery. Thus began our three decades of friendship, sharing and mutual support. Read The full…
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Nymphaea therarum. Photo credit: Michael B. Thomas, Pascal Sibomana, and Bonny Dumbo.

Plant News: Celebrating an “Extinct in the Wild” Waterlily Rescue in Rwanda

…For it was in a remote wetland adjacent to a geothermal ecosystem that in the summer of 2023, our small international species recovery team, celebrated the rescue of a wild population of the extinct miniature waterlily–Nymphaea thermarum. Read the full article here.
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The Spring issue of the Water Garden Journal has been published.

Spring Issue of the Water Garden Journal April 2024 The Spring issue of the Water Garden Journal has been published. To access Vol 39-1, go to, or click on the Resource Tab of this web page. Please note that you must be an IWGS member to access the Journal.    
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Iris × pseudata ‘Himebotaru’. Photo credit: Kelly Billing

Plant Profile Iris × pseudata ‘Himebotaru’

This particular pseudata has a flower shape that closely resembles Iris pseudacorus. The petals are white and have particularly flashy purple eyelashes! Read the full article here.    
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Collective Wisdom: Tips for growing Detective Erika (or any hardy ISGs) from IWGS Facebook group.

On September 12 of this year, a post was made by Peter Nitzsche concerning the non-performance of his specimen of N. Detective Erika that elicited quite a response from our group participants. His complaint was that his plant had not awakened completely this season despite having been treated in the same manner as he always…
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    IWGS COMMITTEES This is a brief over-view of the IWGS projects and committees. We are always looking for Volunteers, so if you are interested in volunteering on any of these committees, please contact Jeannie Suffern at Certified Collections CommitteeThe purpose of the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society (IWGS) Certified Collections is…
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The Spring Issue of the Water Garden Journal has been published

The Spring issue of the Water Garden Journal has been published. To access Vol 36-1 , go to, or click on the Resource Tab of this web page. Please note that you must be an IWGS member to access the Journal. The 2021 Symposium will be virtual. Hold the dates of August 20 &…
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Tim Davis

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tim Davis. As many of you may know he publicly shared his journey with illness through years in hopes that some of what he endured may be helpful to others facing similar health issues. He was that kind of person. What you may not…
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Charles Thomas – In His Own Words

Charles Brosius Thomas passed away in the early hours of December 7, 2020 at York Hospital in Pennsylvania. Surrounded by his loved ones, his passing was peaceful. Born in Frederick, MD on September 19, 1935, Charles was 85 years old and led a full and rich life. In 1984, he founded the International Waterlily Society…
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Horsetail is a magnificent aquatic plant to add along the edge of your pond. Its botanical name, Equisetum, translates to equis (horse) and setrum (tail). The plant is easily identified by its coarse, jointed, and hollow stems. Kids love to pull the stems apart at the joints, and the pieces can be used as beads…

Contain This

Easy Ways to Grow Aquatic Plants and House Fish without a Full-Pond Commitment Looking for a way to dip your toes into the world of water gardening before jumping in head first?  A container water garden is the perfect solution.  These miniature ponds provide all the components of a large-scale feature (aquatic plants, moving water,…

Aquatic Plant Favorites for Your Pond

When spring breezes blow, that means one thing for pond owners … getting your water garden ready for hours of pondside fun! Some of you are scheduling your pond clean-out, while others are probably choosing new aquatic plants to spruce up your waterscape. While books can provide pages of inspiration for aquatic plant choices, sometimes…

Filtering the Pond with a Bog Garden

A bog is an area that consistently has a water level several inches below the “soil” surface. In nature, bog soils are usually very high in organic materials and low in pH. Traditionally, using semi-permeable liners, ornamental bog gardens have imitated these conditions in order to grow plants that have adapted to these areas, such…

Lotus Care Sheet

Genus Nelumbo; species N. nucifera, N. lutea, and hybrids Lotus are beautiful and surprisingly winter hardy aquatic plants. Here are a few care tips: Light and heat Lotus will handle some shade, especially in warmer climates, but to grow and bloom their best they prefer full sunlight. The main exception is in hot desert climates,…

Growing a Hardy Lotus

Nelumbo nucifera With large, bold leaves standing high above the water, the lotus gives us a midsummer treat, fragrant colorful blossoms sometimes reaching twelve inches across.  The first leaves float on the pond’s surface like a water lily.  As summer approaches, the emerging leaves are held well above the water, setting the stage for the…

Victoria Waterlily Cultural Information

Article supplied TO IWGS by Oregon Aquatics, Inc. and Southwest Aquatics, LLC. Victoria waterlilies are an extraordinary genus of waterlilies native to South America, famous for the huge size of their pads (up to 6 feet in diameter) and the upturned rims on the pads. Victorias are night blooming waterlilies, with large, beautiful blossoms. Usually…

Over-wintering Tropical Waterlilies

When over-wintering tropical waterlilies, you’ll find success with any of the following methods. We’ve successfully used them all, and even other variations of them. Use what you find convenient, or try a couple of different methods and see what works best for you. To maximize their size and bloom, tropical waterlilies should be planted into…

The Classification System

by Steve Stroupe How do plants get named? What’s the difference between scientific and common names? Is there a baby plant name book where proud parents choose names for their new green babies? Plants are named for the same reason people are named; they have feelings and don’t want to be referred to merely as…