Combined State and Federal Lists as of 26 January 2018

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FED = Federal Noxious Weed List (entries are highlighted)

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p = permit required               

q = quarantine required

List excludes weeds designated as "Control is county option" but noted if known. Compiled from Federal and State confirmed lists, available online or provided by State agencies. Currently accepted names are from the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) database, USDA, ARS, USDA Plants Database, and Weed Science Society of America Composite List of Weed. FL, NC, SC (as well as many other states) also adopt the list of Federal Noxious Weeds. MN also adopts the list of Federal Aquatic Noxious Weeds. PR (Puerto Rico) is also regulated as a state.

Seed Regulatory information can be found at

MN Regulated=

Legal to posess, sell, buy, and transport regulated invasive species, but they may not be introduced into a free-living state, such as being released or planted in public waters.

Genus spp. listing indicates any / all subspecies are prohibited. For example Typha spp. = any / all Cattails are prohibited in PR.

Scientific Name Common Name States and/or Federal
Aeschynomene fluitansGiant Sensitive PlantCA, LA
Aeschynomene indicaIndian JointvetchHI
Aeschynomene rudisRough JointvetchCA
Aeschynomene virginicaCurly IndigoAR
Alternanthera philoxeroidesAlligatorweedAL, AZ, AR, CA, FL, PR, SC, TX
Alternanthera sessilisSessile JoyweedCA, FL, MA, PR
Alternanthera spp.JoyweedAR, PR
Arundo donaxMediterranean ReedCA, CO, NE, TX, WI
Azolla pinnataMosquito Fern, Water VelvetFED; ID, IL, IN, MA, MN, OK, OR, WI, WV
Bacopa spp.WaterhyssopPR
Brasenia schreberiWatershieldPR
Butomus umbellatusFlowering RushCO, CT, ID, IL, IN, MI, MN, MT, NE, NH, OH, OR, SD county regulated, VT, WA, WI restricted
Cabomba carolinianaPurple FanwortCA, CT, ID, MA, ME, MI, MN regulated, NH, NY, PR, VT, WA, WI, Canada
Cabomba spp.FanwortPR
Callitriche stagnalisPond Water-StarwortCT
Calotropis proceraGiant MilkweedPR
Canna flaccidaCannaPR
Cardamine impatiensN/AMN, NY, Canada, WI
Casuarina spp.Australian PineFL, LA
Caulerpa taxifoliaMediterranean Caul. cloneFED; IN, IL, MA, MD, MN, OK, OR, WI, WV
Cephalanthus occidentalisButtonbushPR
Ceratophyllum demersumCoontailPR
Ceratophyllum spp.CoontailPR
Ceratopteris thalictroidesWaterspriteCA
Cicuta maculataWater HemlockNV
Colocasia esculentaWild TaroPR
Colocasia spp.TaroHI (p) (q)
Crassula helmsiiSwamp StonecropFL, MN, NC, WA, WI, Canada
Crinum americanumSwamp LilyPR
Cylindrospermopsis raciborskiiCyanobacteriaMI, WI (possible contaminant on aquatic plants)
Cyperus esculentusYellow NutsedgeCA, CO, HI, MI, OR, WA
Cyperus odoratusFlatsedgePR
Cyperus rotundusPurple NutsedgeAR, CA, OR
Cyperus spp.NutgrassRI
Didymosphenia geminataDidymo or Rock SnotNE, WI (possible contaminent on aquatic plants)
Egeria (Elodea) densaBrazilian ElodeaAL, CA, CO watch list, CT, ID, IL, IN, LA, MA, ME, MI, MN regulated, MS, MT regulated, NE, NH, NY, OH, OR, PR, SC, VT, WA, WI
Egeria najasN/ACA
Eichhornia azureaAnchored WaterhyacinthFED; AR, AZ, IL, IN, LA, MA, MS, OK, OR, TX, WI, WV
Eichhornia crassipesWaterhyacinthAL, AR, AZ, CA county regulated, CO watch list, LA, MN regulated, MS, NE, PR, SC, TX, City of Chicago, WI
Eichhornia spp.WaterhyacinthFL, PR
Eleocharis baldwiniiSlender SpikerushPR
Eleocharis spp.WaterhyacinthFL, PR
Elodea canadensisCommon ElodeaLA, ME
Epilobium hirsutumHairy Willow HerbMA, WA, WI
Equisetum telmateiaGiant HorsetailOR
Fallopia japonicaJapanese KnotweedMI,NE regulated, NY, VT, WI restricted, WY county regulated
Fallopia sachalinensisGiant KnotweedWI
Frangula alnusSmooth BuckthornNY, WI
GlossostigmaMud MatOK, WA, WI
Glyceria maximaManna GrassMA, NY, WA, WI
HaplotymeN/ASD county regulated
Heracleum mantegazzianumGiant HogweedFED; FL, ID, MA, MI, MN, NY, WI, WV
Houttuynia cordataN/ACity of Chicago
Houttuynia cordata 'Variegata'Chameleon PlantCity of Chicago
Hydrilla verticillataHydrillaFED; AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, ID, IN, IL, LA, MA, ME, MI, MN, MS, MT regulated, NE, NH, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PR, SC, TX, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY, Canada
Hydrocharis morsus-ranaeFrogbitCA, ID, IL, IN, ME, MI, MN, NH, NY,
Hydrocotyle spp.PennywortPR
Hydrocotyle ranunculoidesFloating Marsh PennywortWI
Hydrocotyle umbellataWater PennywortPR
Hygrophila polyspermaHygrophila, Miramar weedFED; CA, FL, IL, IN, LA, MA, MN, OK, OR, VT, WI, WV
Ipomoea aquaticaChinese WaterspinachFED; FL, IL, IN, LA, MA, MN regulated, OK, TX, WI, WV
Ipomoea fistulosaBush MorninggloryFL
pomoea spp.MorninggloryAZ, AR, MI, PR
Ipomoea trilobaThreelobe MorninggloryAZ, FL, PR
Iris pseudacorusYellow Flag IrisCO watch list, CT, ID, IL, IN, MA, MD (effective 4-12-2017), MN regulated, MT, NY, OR, VT, WA, WI restricted, Canada
Iris virginicaBlue FlagPR
Juncus effususSoft RushPR
Lachnanthes carolinianaRedrootPR
Lagarosiphon majorOxygen weedFED; CA, CO, IL, IN, LA, MA, MI, MN, OK, OR, TX, WA, WI, WV
Lagarosiphon spp.African ElodeaFL, LA, MI, NC, OK
Landoltia punctataGiant DuckweedLA
Lemna valdivianaValdivia DuckweedPR
Limnobium laevigatumSponge PlantCA
Limnobium spongiaAmerican FrogbitCA, PR
Limnocharis flavaSawah Flowering Rush, VelvetFL
Limnophila indicaAmbuliaCA, Canada
Limnophila sessilifloraAmbuliaFED; CA, FL, IL, IN, LA, MA, MN, OK, OR, WI, WV, Canada
Ludwigia alternifoliaBushy WaterprimrosePR
Ludwigia grandifloraUruguayan Primrose WillowNY, Canada
Ludwigia hexapetalaUruguay WaterprimroseNC, NY, SC, WA
Ludwigia peploidesWater PrimroseNY, WA
Ludwigia peruvianaWater PrimroseCA, Canada
Ludwigia repensFloating WaterprimrosePR
Ludwigia sppWaterprimrosePR
Ludwigia uruguayensisUruguay WaterprimroseNC, SC
Luziola fluitansSouthern WatergrassPR
Lysimachia nummulariaCreeping JennyMA, Long Island NY, WI (except 'Aurea' and yellow and gold leaf forms), Canada
Lysimachia vulgarisGarden LoosestrifeCO watch list, CT, NY, WA, WI
Lythrum alatumWinged LoosestrifeNH, TN
Lythrum salicariaPurple LoosestrifeAL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, ID, IL, IA, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NV, NH, ND, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY, City of Chicago
Lythrum spp. (not native to specific state)LoosestrifeAR, MI, MN, MT, NC, NE, PA, TN, WI
Lythrum virgatumWand LoosestrifeIA, MN, MT, NE, NV, NH, ND, SD, TN, WI, WA
Marsilea minutaDwarf Four Leaf CloverLA, OK
Marsilea muticaVariegated Four Leaf CloverLA, OK
Marsilea quadrifoliaFour Leaf CloverCT, OK, Canada
Mechamandra alternifoliaN/AFL
Melaleuca quinquenerviaMelaleucaFL, LA, MA,MN, MS, NC, OK, TX
Mentha aquaticaAquatic MintID(q), MT(q), NE(q), WY(q)
Micranthemem umbrosumGlobiferaPR
Mimosa pigraGiant Sensitive PlantFL
Miscanthus floridulusMiscanthusHI
Miscanthus sacchariflorusSilver GrassMA
Miscanthus sinensisChinese Silver GrassNY
Monochoria hastataMonochoriaFED; FL, IL, IN, LA, MA, MN, OK, OR, WV
Monochoria vaginalisPickerelweedFED; FL, IL, IN, MA, MN, WV
Murdannia keisakMarsh Dew FlowerNY, WA
Myosotis scorpioidesForget-me-notCT, MA, WI restricted
Myosoton aquaticumGiant ChickweedCA
Myriophyllum aquaticumParrot FeatherAL, CA county regulated, CO, CT, ID, IL, IN, MA ,ME, MI,MN regulated, MT regulated, NE, NH, NY, OH, OR, VT, WA, WI, PR, Canada
Myriophyllum heterophyllumVariableleaf WatermilfoilCT, ID, MA, ME, NH, NY, VT, WA
Myriophyllum pinnatumBroadleaf Water MilfoilME, Long Island NY
Myriophyllum proserpinacoidesN/AME
Myriophyllum simulans (classified as M. aquaticum, ME)Myrio filigreeAL, CA county regulated, CO, CT, ID, IL, IN, MA ,ME, MI,MN regulated, MT regulated, NE, NH, NY, OR, VT, WA, WI, PR, Canada
Myriophyllum spicatumEurasian WatermilfoilAL, CA, CO, CT, FL, ID, IL, IN, LA, MA, ME, MI, MN, MS, MT, NH, NC, NE, NV, NY, OH, OR, PR, SC, SD, TX, VT, WA, WI restricted, WY
Myriophyllum spp.MilfoilME, PR
Najas marinaMarine NaiadCT, LA, WI
Najas minorSlender-Leaved NaiadCT, IL, IN, LA, MA, ME, MN, NC, NE, NH, SC, WA, WI, Canada
Nechamandra alternifolianechamandraFL
Nelumbo luteaAmerican LotusCT, PR
Nelumbo nuciferaSacred LotusWI
Nitellopsis obtusaStarry StonewortMI, MN, WI
Nuphar luteumSpatterdockPR
Nymphaea mexicanaBanana WaterlilyCA, PR
Nymphaea mexicanaBanana WaterlilyCA, PR
Nymphaea odorataFragrant WaterlilyCA, PR
Nymphaea spp.WaterlilyCA county regulated MN regulated - nonnative waterlilies (Nymphaea spp.) Linnaeus, or any variety, hybrid, or cultivar thereof. Native Minnesota waterlilies are: Nymphaea odorata Aiton subsp.odorata Aiton, N. leibergii Morong, and N. odorataAiton subsp. tuberosa (Paine)Wiersema & Hellquist
Nymphoides cristataCrested Floating HeartFL, LA, NC
Nymphoides indicaWater SnowflakeFL, LA, NC
Nymphoides indicaWater SnowflakeLA, NC
Nymphoides peltataYellow Floating HeartCO watch list, CT, FL, ID, IL, IN, LA, MA, ME, MI, NC, NE, NH, NY, OR, VT, WA, WI, Canada
Oenanthe javanicaWater CeleryWI
Orontium aquaticumGoldenclubPR
Oryza rufipogonWild Red RiceCA, FL, MN
Oryza sativa var.Red RiceAR
Ottelia alismoidesDuck-lettuceFED; IL, IN, LA, MN, OK, WI, WV
Panicum antidotaleBlue PanicgrassCA
Panicum hemitomonMaidencanePR
Panicum miliaceumWild Proso MilletCO, OR
Panicum repensTorpedo GrassAL, AZ, HI, LA, TX
Peltandra virginicaArrow-arumPR
Petasites hybridusButterfly DockWI
Phalaris arundinaceaReed Canary GrassMA, Long Island NY
Phalaris arundinacea var. pictaReed Canary GrassWI
Phragmites australisCommon ReedAL, CO watch list, CT, ID, MA, MI, MN, NC, NE, NH, NY, OH, OR, PR, SC, SD county regulated, VT, WI
Phragmites australis aureaVariegated Dwarf Common ReedCT, MA, MI, NC, VT, WI
Phragmites australis 'Candy Stripe'Candy Stripe ReedCT, MA, MI, NC, VT, WI
Phragmites australis ssp. AustralisCommon Reed GrassMN, MT regulated, NE regulated, NY, WI
Phragmites communisCommon ReedCT, NC, SC, NH, WI
Pistia spp.Water LettuceSC
Pistia stratiotesWaterlettuceAL, CA county regulated, CO watch list, FL, LA, MS, PR, SC, TX, WI
Polygonum x bohemicumBohemian KnotweedID, Long Island NY, WA, WI
Polygonum cuspidatumJapanese KnotweedAL, CA, CO, ID, MA, MN, MT regulated, Long Island NY, OR, WA, WI, WV
Polygonum perfoliatumMile-a-minuteMA, NC, Long Island NY, OH, PA, WI, WV
Polygonum polystachyumHimalayan KnotweedCA, OR, WA
Polygonum sachalinenseGiant KnotweedCA, CO, ID, MN, Long Island NY, OR, SD, county regulated, WA, WI
Polygonum spp.KnotweedMT, PR
Pontederia cordataPickerelweedCA (Pontederia cordata is not prohibited in CA however they will exercise their right of refusal and destroy all shipments in entirety when found), PR
Pontederia rotundifoliaTropical PickerelweedFL
Potamogeton crispusCurly Leaf PondweedAL, CT, ID, IL, IN, MA, ME, MI, MN, MT, NE, NH, NY,
Potamogeton illinoensisIllinois PondweedPR
Potamogeton pectinatusSago PondweedPR
Potamogeton spp.PondweedPR
Potentilla rectaSulfur CinquefoilCA, CO, MT, NV, OR, SD county regulated, WA, WY county regulated
Ranunculus acrisTall ButtercupMT
Ranunculus ficariaLesser celandineNY, OR, WI
Ranunculus linguaGreater SpearwortCity of Chicago
Rorippa amphibiaWater YellowcressMA
Rorippa microphyllaOneroe YellowcressCT
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticumWatercressCT
Rotala rotundifoliaroundleaf rotalaCA, LA
Rumex spp.Water DockAR
Sagittaria gramineaSlender ArrowheadPR, WA
Sagittaria lancifoliaLanceleaf ArrowheadPR
Sagittaria latifoliaCommon ArrowheadPR
Sagittaria platphyllaDelta ArrowheadWA
Sagittaria sagittifoliaArrowheadFED; IL, IN, MA, MN, NC, OK, WI, WV, Canada
Sagittaria spp.ArrowheadPR
Salvinia auriculataSalviniaFED; CA, IL, IN, MA, MI, MN, OK, VT, WV
Salvinia bilobaGiant SalviniaFED; CA, IL, IN, MA, MN, OK, VT, WV
Salvinia herzogiiGiant SalviniaFED; CA, IL, IN, MA, MI, MN, OK, VT, WI, WV
Salvinia minimaWater SpanglesCanada
Salvinia molestaGiant SalviniaFED; AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, ID, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, MS, NE, NV, OK, OR, TN, VT, WI, WV
Salvinia spp.WaterfernFL (excludes S. minima), LA, MI, NC (excludes S. minima), OR, PR, TX
Saururus cernuusLizardstailPR
Schinus terebinthifoliusBrazilian-pepperFL
Schoenoplectus mucronatusRicefield BulrushWA
Scirpus spp.BulrushPR
Sesbania puniceaScarlet WisteriaCA
Solanum cardiophyllumHeartleaf NightshadeCA
Solanum carolinenseHorsenettleAZ, AR, AK, CA, HI, IA, MI, MN, NV
Solanum dimidiatumTorrey's NightshadeCA
Solanum elaeagnifoliumWhite HorsenettleAR, CA, MI, NV
Solanum nigrumBlack NightshadeCO, MI
Solanum rostratumBuffaloburID, WY county regulated
Solanum tampicenseWetland NightshadeFED; FL, LA, MA, MI, MN, OK, WV
Solidago sempervirensSeaside GoldenrodWI
Sparganium erectumExotic Bur ReedFED; FL, IL, IN, MA, MN, OK, WV
Spartina alternifloraSmooth CordgrassCA, OR, WA
Spartina anglicaCommon CordgrassCA, OR, WA
Spartina densifloraSpartinaCA, OR, WA
Spartina patensSaltmeadow CordgrassCA, OR, WA
Spirodela oligorhizaGiant DuckweedLA, TX
Spirodela polyrhizaGiant DuckweedPR
Stachys floridanaFlorida BetonyNC
Stratiotes aloidesWater-aloeFED; AL, FL, MN, SC, WA, WI, WV
Thalia geniculataBent Alligator-FlagPR
Trapa bicornusWater CaltrapWA
Trapa natansWater ChestnutAL, AZ, CT, ID, IL, IN, LA, MA, ME, MI, MN, NH, NY, OH, OR, SC, VT, WA, WI, Canada
Trapa spp.Water ChestnutFL, LA, MI, NC
Typha angustifoliaNarrow-Leaf CattailIN, WI
Typha domingensisSouthern CattailWI
Typha laxmanniiGraceful CattailWI
Typha x glaucaCattail HybridOH, WI
Typha spp.CattailPR
Urochloa muticaParagrassLA
Utricularia foliosaLeafy BladderwortPR
Utricularia inflataSwollen BladderwortWA
Utricularia spp.BladderwortPR
Vossia cuspidataHippo GrassFL
Zizania aquaticaAnnual WildricePR
Zostera japonicaJapanese EelgrassCA

Compiled by Kelly Billing - Water Becomes a Garden.