In 2006, the IWGS, along with the King Rama IX Public Park, announced the creation of the newest IWGS Certified Collection of Waterlilies and Lotus. This collection is housed in the ponds of the King Rama IX Public Park in Bangkok, Thailand. The Collection has been sponsored by IWGS members and additional growers and hybridizers from around the world. It is a gift in honor of King Bhumipoladuldej’s 80th anniversary, marking the 20th anniversary of the King Rama IX Public Park and a gift to the People of Thailand.

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Highlights of the King Rama IX Public Park Collection include:

  • This collection will feature over 100 varieties of hardy and tropical waterlilies
  • This collection displays a nearly 120 year record of waterlily hybridization and cultivation
  • The work of over 26 world acclaimed hybridizers is featured in this collection. Among these outstanding hybridizers are: Joseph Latour-Marliac, William Tricker, George Pring, Perry Slocum, Kirk Strawn and Charles Winch to name a few.
  • The oldest hybrid on display will be Nymphaea "Seignoureti" - Latour-Marliac 1893
  • The newest hybrid in display will be N. "Stan Skinger" - Florida Aquatic Nursery 2006
  • This collection demonstrates the International spirit of the IWGS to come together to educate, to provide the live specimens for further research and conserve the beauty of the magnificent flowers of Nymphaea.

In March of 2007 additional waterlilies and lotus were received from Chinese hybridizer Dr. Huang Guozhen and Chinese Waterlily World. Thank you for your generous donation to the Thai Collection. As of May 2007 the new Thai collection includes 112 cultivars of Nymphaea and 62 cultivars of Nelumbo. The plants have moved to their permanent homes either in ponds or in large container gardens at King Rama Public Park. The collection will be ready for all Symposium attendees to see on Thursday July 19th when the formal dedication will occur.

The IWGS would like to acknowledge the participation and generosity of the following contributors:

  • Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado, USA
  • Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Dr, Guozhen, China
  • Hazorea Aquatics, Ha'amakim, Israel
  • Wright's Water Gardens, Pukekohe, New Zealand
  • Andre Leu, Queensland, Australia
  • Burns Water Gardens, Ontario, Canada
  • Bergen Water Gardens and Nursery, New York, USA
  • Charleston Aquatic Nurseries, South Carolina, USA
  • Florida Aquatic Nurseries, Inc., Florida, USA
  • Green & Hagstrom, Inc., Tennessee, USA
  • International Waterlily Preservation Repository, Texas, USA
  • Lilypons Water Gardens, Maryland, USA
  • Lone Star Aquatic Nursery, Texas, USA
  • Nelson Water Gardens & Nursery, Texas, USA
  • Perry's Water Gardens, North Carolina, USA
  • William Tricker, Inc. Ohio, USA
  • Victoria Conservancy, Colorado, USA