Journal cover v34-2

Preview of the Water Garden Journal, Summer 2019 Vol 34-2


03 President’s Message: Use’s many resources.
04 Online Community: James Bennett introduces the new IWGS Plant Database.
05 Plant Pick: Justin Titus profiles the world’s smallest waterlily, Nymphaea thermarum.
06 Waterlily Competition: Danny Cox and Jenny Fuentes describe the preparations made for holding the IWGS New Waterlily Competition at the Naples Botanical Garden
09 Expert Corner: Mike Gannon spotlights the Gin Rin koi.
10 Plant Research: Daike Tian lists the top 10 Lotus cultivars worldwide from more than 4,500 named lotuses.
11 Plant Research:  Megan Reid reports on her efforts to find a biological control for Nymphaea mexicana in South Africa.
14 Plant Research: James Allison dives into the USDA’s online catalog collection to unearth waterlily history.
18 From The Vault: Steve Stroupe’s explanation of the Classification System is reprinted here.
21 Invasive Species Alert: The Alberta Invasive Species Society details the impacts of Yellow floating-heart (Nymphoides peltata).
23 Event Calendar: Upcoming water gardening events

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