Hybridizers entering this year's competition who wish to donate toward the operating costs of the contest can do so via the PayPal button below. Please enter your donation amount where the cursor appears on the Donate screen. Thank you for your contribution.

In order to promote interest in hybridizing new colors, forms, and increased frequency of blooms of various sizes of both tropical and hardy waterlilies, the IWGS conducts an annual competition where hybridizers display their new creations. This exciting competition has been held for 15 of the last 17 years, with approximately 40 hybridizers from 9 countries submitting over 200 entries. This has resulted in the introduction of noteworthy new hybrids: plants with unusual flower shapes and colors, new leaf patterns and colors and new viviparous lilies.  Many of these new waterlilies are available for purchase, so be sure to keep your eye on these beauties as you will want to add these to your water garden.

FOR 2019: The IWGS is looking for interested individuals and companies who would like to enter the 2019 New Waterlily Competition. The plants will be grown out and displayed at Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida. Naples is a 170-acre world class garden paradise that features plants from around the world and the youngest garden in history to receive the American Public Gardens Association’s prestigious Award for Garden Excellence. For more information visit

The competition is open to any waterlily hybrid that has not been in the trade for more than one year and has not previously won the Best New Waterlily Competition. If any Nymphaea hybridizer or introducer would like to submit varieties to be grown for the competition, please complete the entry form and submit by March 15, 2019.  All waterlily entries should arrive at Naples Botanical Garden by April 30th 


Please note that the 2019 New Waterlily Competition is now closed. Thank you for your interest. 

Questions? Please contact us.

2019 New Waterlily Competition -Rules of Entry

  1. To be eligible, an entry must not be commercially available for more than one year prior to entering the competition.
  2. Hybrids must be entered by the hybridizer or with the hybridizer’s written permission, which must be submitted with the entry form.
  3. Entries are limited to 3 per hybridizer. The total number of entries allowed in the contest is 25. Priority will be given to the first entry forms submitted provided plant arrive at the grow out site in the specified window. (March 16th to April 30th, 2019)
  4. Entry forms must be submitted by March 15th, 2019.
  5. Entries may be submitted for a second year if the entry is not named the overall winner during the first year. Entries may only be submitted twice. 
  6. Photographs of each entry, including flowers and foliage, should be included with the entry form to ensure proper identification in the contest.
  7. All waterlilies must be entered in the appropriate category: Hardy, Tropical Day Bloomer, Tropical Night Bloomer,  Other (ISG Subgeneric/Intersubgeneric) crosses or those of unknown mixed parentage. 
  8. Participants are encouraged to send two specimens of each entry to alleviate any possible problems encountered during shipping or the grow-out process.
  9. Entries should be shipped using the fastest mode of transit available and should be of a mature size. Pre-treatment of international entries with an appropriate fungicide is recommended.
  10. Hybridizers will be responsible for all shipping fees to the grow-out site. 
  11. Hybridizers must indicate how their entries should be handled following the competition according to the competition application, shipping fees must be paid up front. Refer to entry form for options and fees.  
  12. All waterlily entries should arrive at Naples Botanical Garden between March 16th to April 30th, 2019. Please notify Danny Cox  ([email protected] ) when entries are shipped.

    Entry forms and any questions concerning the competition can be directed to: 
    Danny Cox     email: [email protected]   

Hybridizer Guidelines - What Judges Want: 

Heavy blooming or improved blooming in similarly colored plants, unique flower colors not already in the marketplace, ability to withstand extreme cold or warm temperatures without adverse effects, noticeable or intense fragrance;  Absence of deformities or irregularities;  Strong foliage that remains close to the tuber rather than elongated stems, Unique foliage color;  distinct or unusual favorable characteristics, and size is also of significance including those that are particularly large or small.


Nymphaea Mahasombut


2018 New Waterlily Competition

Nymphaea Jakkaphong' Best Overall 2017


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2016 New Waterlily Competition


2016 Waterlily Competition

Nymphaea 'ISG3D'Nymphaea 'Srichon'


2015 Waterlily Competition

Nymphaea 'Milky Way'


2014 IWGS New Waterlily Competition

Nymphaea 'Siam Purple'


2011 Waterlily Competition

Nymphaea 'Tanzanite'


2009 – 2010 Waterlily Competition

Nymphaea 'Suwanna'


2007 – 2008 Waterlily Competition



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