NWC Rules of Entry

2024 New Waterlily Competition - Rules of Entry

In order to provide optimal growing conditions for both hardy and tropical varieties, we have opted to grow the plants in two locations, each suitable for its type. The hardy and hardy ISG waterlilies will be grown at Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, CO, and the tropical and miniature waterlilies will be grown at Naples Botanic Garden, Naples, FL.

After your entry has been approved, you will receive an email with shipping and labelling instructions. Please follow these instructions carefully. The import information for the two sites will be different.

To be eligible, an entry must not have been commercially available for more than one year prior to entering the competition. Participation in other non-IWGS competition does not affect eligibility provided that the name of the cultivar and the hybridizer’s name are not identifiable prior to the completion of the IWGS New Waterlily Competition.

Hybrids must be entered by the hybridizer or with the evidence of the hybridizer’s written permission, which must be submitted with the entry form.

Hybridizers may submit 2 entries, either in the same category or in different categories. The total number of entries allowed in the contest is 30, and priority will be given to the first entry forms submitted provided plants arrive at the grow-out site in the specified time window. (April 1 – April 30, 2024)

Entry forms must be submitted by March 31th, 2024 (or until all spots have been allocated). PLEASE NOTE: A confirmation email will be sent to the participant once an entry has been accepted into the competition.

Entries may be submitted for a second year if the entry is not named the overall winner during the first year and the hybrid has not been commercially available for more than a year. Entries may be submitted only twice.

Clear (high resolution) photographs of each entry, including flowers and foliage, should be included with the entry form to ensure proper identification in the contest. Please submit at least 3 photos of the flowers from different angles and at least 1 photo of the entire plant.

All waterlily entries should arrive between April 1 – April 30, 2024.

All waterlilies must be entered in ONE of the following categories for 2024:

- Hardy (subgenus Nymphaea & N. Mexicana hybrids)

- Hardy ISG (Intersubgeneric Cross of Nymphaea and Brachyceras)

- Tropical Day Blooming waterlilies (subgenus Brachyceras)

- Miniature Waterlilies (Can be hardy, tropical or ISG as long as it stays within these size parameters: flowers no larger than 3" / 7.5 cm, pads no larger than 5" / 13 cm.)

To encourage even participation among all categories, each category will be limited to 8 entries.

Entries are accepted first come, first served. If we receive more than 8 entries in a category, those that are 9th in line and beyond will be given the option to submit a waterlily in a different category and will keep their overall spot in line as long as they resubmit by the deadline. We will announce on the website which categories have closed, as they close. If we receive fewer than 30 entries overall, we can still opt to accept entries that missed their category’s lock out, if that hybridizer hasn't already submitted anything for a different category.

If a category receives only one entry, that entry will not qualify for a category-level award, but it is still eligible for the award of Overall Best New Waterlily. The hybridizer will be advised that their entry is the only one in its category and given the option to change or withdraw their submission if they do not wish to leave it in.

Hybridizers/participants MUST provide/send a minimum of two specimens of their entry to alleviate any problems encountered during transit/shipping or the grow-out process.

Entries should be shipped using the fastest mode of transit available, and the specimens should be of a mature size.  Pre-treatment of international entries with an appropriate fungicide is recommended.  A thorough visual inspection and washing of the plant should be done prior to shipment to ensure a lack of contamination by weeds or pests.

Hybridizers/participants will be responsible for ALL shipping fees and phytosanitary certificates to the grow-out site.

Hybridizers/participants MUST provide details to indicate how their entries should be handled following the competition according to the competition application, and shipping fees must be paid in advance. Refer to the entry form for options and fees.

Entry forms and any questions concerning the competition can be directed to Suzanne Boom.   email: nwc@iwgs.org