For the first time, the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society will be including poster presentations at its annual symposium. The posters will be displayed during the education day (Friday 19th July, 2024), to be held in our hosting hotel in Reading, UK.

Posters are an ideal opportunity to publicize research/investigations that individuals or groups have been carrying out. This work might be as part of an educational institution, a business, or an individual effort. They are a visual means of communicating the work, results, and conclusions. Poster presentations are a popular part of many conferences, and we are enthusiastic about including these as part of our 2024 symposium.

**We shall be awarding a prize of $250 to the poster voted best by attendees**

As part of the IWGS mission to “further all aspects of water gardens and their associated plants”, the poster subjects can cover a wide range of related topics. These could concern:

  • the water itself (researching methods of water filtration; conservation; pollution remediation; water quality measurement)
  • the plants (researching growing & propagation techniques; growing media and fertilization; studying plants in the wild; conservation methods; disease/pest control; display techniques; taxonomy; hybridization; labelling methods; pots, packaging and transport methods; invasive species);
  • and related topics (biodiversity in the water garden; researching pond and lake ecology; plant interactions with fish and other aquatic wildlife; restoration techniques; sustainability in aquatic horticulture; pond equipment efficiency; construction techniques; algae and sediment control; methods of engaging the general public in water gardening)

This list is not exhaustive or exclusive, all research relevant to the Society’s aims will be considered. The poster could be based on new research, or adapted from recent (last three years) research carried out by you elsewhere.

How to Apply

As spaces are limited, the first step is to submit an application form with an abstract for your intended poster. Preference will be given to those who have signed up for the symposium and can present in person, though we shall have a few spaces available for applicants who are not able to attend the symposium. The date the application form must be received by is now extended to Sunday 16th June.


The abstracts will be reviewed, the selection made based on the quality and relevance of the abstract and the order received. We will confirm if your abstract is selected by email by Monday 17th June 2024. If your abstract is selected, please go ahead and prepare your poster.

Click on the Poster Guidelines button for full guidelines for the application and the poster format.