Remembering Charles Thomas

from Lilypons Water Gardens
December 7, 2020
Dearest friends,
It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that Charles B. Thomas passed away at 12:30 am this morning after suffering a stroke Saturday night.
Charles was special to many people, both here and around the world. He touched the lives of many and is respected and endeared for his contributions to the International Waterlily Society (now the International Waterlily and Watergardening Society: IWGS) and also to the water gardening movement in general. Charles was the driving force to bringing the IWGS into existence and was a tireless speaker traveling all over the United States promoting water gardening. In 1991, Charles received the American Horticultural Society’s Commercial Individual Citation for outstanding work in the field of Horticulture and the Mail-order Association of Nurseries Nurseryman of the year award.
Charles became president of Lilypons in 1978 and it was in his vision that the business would focus on water gardening and that the mission would be offering the public a true source for water gardening materials and information. He was truly passionate about water gardening and was always eager to share and educate others about the wonderful world of waterlilies.
After retiring from Lilypons in 1997, Charles became a most beloved substitute teacher at the Waynesboro, PA School district where he taught from 2006 onward. He lives on in all the lives of the students he taught and inspired. Fondly known as “the best sub ever!”
The world lost a very special person in Charles. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and all who knew him. ❤️
Charles B. Thomas