Beyer, Jamie


  • “A Ponds Patina”
  • “How to achieve clear water in Water Gardens”
  • “Maximizing your enjoyment of Water Gardens”
  • “Wildlife Associated with Water Gardens”
  • “Any topics that I have written about in Pond Trade Magazine”
  • Will travel; May consider online presentations


The very popular subject of adding water features to a garden is one that Jamie Beyer brings a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to.

Jamie is a Lifetime Master Gardener and is founder and Past President of the Central Iowa Water Garden Association.

Water gardening has been a passion of Jamie’s for almost 60 years. He combines this experience with his Master’s Degree in Fish and Wildlife Biology to become uniquely qualified to be one of the Midwest’s foremost experts on the subject.

His broad background of fisheries, dynamics of water, wildlife ecology, and horticulture gives him impressive credentials. Jamie frequently speaks and writes on all aspects of water features and water gardening.

In addition, he also has a consulting/installation business, called Midwest Waterscapes, which he works as a water garden, fountain and pond consultant/installer to people that want extra help.

Jamie has considerable experience installing ponds, diagnosing water garden problems, teaching classes and helping do-it-yourselfers, do it right.