Speaker Gianlucca


  • Hardy Waterlilies
  • Lotus
  • Water Iris
  • Growing and Multiplying Aquatic Plants
  • Building Ponds for Aquatic Plants
  • Will travel; Languages Italian and English; May consider online presentations


Computer specialist and teacher, graduated in Multimedia and computer science in Italy.
Started growing waterlilies in year 2000, with Italian species like nymphaea Alba and Nuphar Luteum.

After research work started to buy and make waterlilies exchanges all over the world.
In 2010 the passion became a job, buying a large piece of land to make ponds and grow waterlilies and many other kinds of water plants.
Goal is to have one of the largest collection of water plants in Europe and in the world, and to make a conservatory for ancient varieties and rare waterlilies species.

Now, the collection consists of more than 500 hardy waterlilies, 200 and more lotus variety, 500 and more bog and water irises like Pseudacorus, Louisiana, Ensata, Versicolor, Pseudata, Laevigata.