Speaker Demi Fortuna

Fortuna, Demi

New York,


  • Pond and fountain construction
  • Friction & Flow – Choosing the Perfect Pump (with live friction loss demonstration)
  • Rain Harvesting, A Practical Approach
  • Get the Muck Out – Veggie Filters and self-cleaning settling chambers for Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Large Water Features
  • The ABCs of Aeration – Aeration, Bacteria and Circulation
  • Introduction to Aquaponics, Estimating Water Features, Water Feature Maintenance, etc.
  • Will Travel; May consider online presentations

Presentation Languages: English and Spanish


Demi began building ponds by mistake in 1986, then compounded the situation by starting August Moon Designs in 1990, creating features from half-million-gallon lakes to tiny wall fountains ever since.

In 2005 he signed on with Danner Mfg., traveling and learning the Other Side of the business, before contracting with Atlantic in 2011.

Demi designs, builds, teaches, writes and presents about water features from Culiacán to Canada, working with sons Edwin and Ely whenever possible.