Speaker Vera-Luciani

Luciani, Vera




Vera Luciani has twenty years of professional experience conceiving unique and personalized green areas as nature would itself, where water and plants are conjoined to create a perfect harmony, both functionally and tastefully, with the surrounding landscape. As Vera is used to saying, “the earth sings and, if we know how to listen to it, it has a lot to tell us”.

And this is, precisely, what Vera does: she pays her utmost attention to nature and tunes into its settings. In designing private gardens or public parks, she takes special care in placing natural pools and bio-lakes where they best complement their habitat.

Hence, space is like a theatrical scene in which to experience nature in all of its forms and scents.

It is here that bio-lakes and natural pools take on a symbolic and functional value which, based on nature’s peculiar and expressive power, become enveloping daily companions.

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These are the core concepts on which Vera Luciani, a member of the Italian Bio-architecture Foundation, bases her work and the careful research and selection of plants and materials she uses to create her gardens and bio-lakes.

In particular, she takes special care in selecting her water plants, whose function is to purify the bathing water of the natural pools and bio-lakes she creates, which, in order to insure the environmental sustainability of her work, does not include the use of chemical substances.

Vera Luciani creates her gardens on the basis of her botanical knowledge and her expertise in the materials she uses, in phyto-purification techniques, and in the designing and construction methods of bio-lakes.

She also acquired her soil bioengineering knowledge through the studies she carried out in Switzerland, during the 1990s.