Speaker Pal, Somnath 2


  • Water Lilies Nature & Behavior
  • Fertilizing Waterlilies – Uses, Impact, Benefits, Myth & Understanding
  • Replanting Tropical, Hardy Water lilies and lotus tuber
  • Growing Water lilies and Lotus from seeds & Tuber
  • Will Travel; Presentation languages English, Hindi, Marathi and Bengali; May consider online presentations.


My name is Somnath Pal, I am a graduate from Arts. Gardening was a hobby since childhood but one incident turned waterlilies as a passion, and with time this hobby turned me into seller, collector and also a hybridizer.

I along with my good friend and lotus hybridizer Mr. Ganesh Anandhakrishnan opened a Facebook group & later YouTube channel with name “Nymphaea & Nelumbo”, we also associated together and have our website “liliesnlotus.com”.

I wish to grow water lilies to the best of my potential, wish to use my skills to grow and create better hybrids and help this community to grow and prosper. I had a wish to travel and explore many new water lilies species, this is something I had a long wish but I haven’t traveled yet.

There are a lot of myths on growing water lilies, the most common is having mosquito larvae to get dirty and stinky, apart from this many people believe growing water lilies means you need a lot of water, I wish to help people come out of this myths and understand and love this plant more which they truly deserves. Apart this I wish to build a community where we explore ideas on growing, create more skills for breeding, understand plant psychology, their ecotype and form healthy and structured group in my community and wherever possible from me

Through our YouTube channel we are also putting videos on many subject on waterlilies and lotus. This channel was built with an aim to preserve the time and same time we can answer to many queries through the medium of video, using our presentation skills & knowledge.

I wish to see this trend of Waterlilies, lotus & aquatic love grow and blossom in the world & more in my country too