The 2020 New Waterlily Competition is now Open for Submissions

The IWGS is looking for interested individuals and companies who would like to enter the 2020 New Waterlily Competition. The plants will be grown out and displayed at Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida. Naples is a 170-acre world class garden paradise that features plants from around he world and the youngest garden in history to receive the American Public Gardens Association’s prestigious Award for Garden Excellence.

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The competition is open to any waterlily hybrid that has NOT been in the trade for more than one year and has not previously won the Best New Waterlily Competition. If any Nymphaea hybridizer or introducer would like to submit a cultivar/variety to be grown for the competition, please complete the entry form and submit by March 13, 2020.  All waterlily entries should arrive at Naples Botanical Garden by April 25th

The form is available  at