New: Online Waterlily Registration Form

The IWGS is pleased to announce a new, online registration form for Nymphaeaceae family. This e-Registration Is Live as of January 21, 2023.

Hybridisers are encouraged to register their plants with the IWGS, to prevent duplicate names, to ensure new cultivar names adhere to the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants and to show your creations to the community! Registered plants are published annually in the IWGS Water Garden Journal and are recorded immediately in the IWGS plant database as soon as the entry has been reviewed and approved by the registrar. To register your first plant, create an account for the website and go to the My Registrations section. You need a separate account for the plant database. Your regular account will not work in the plant database web app. From now on Nymphaeaceae Registration can only be done through the online registration form. Visit for forms and more information. Registrants may now access this form to submit the required information and photos for their new cultivars. Once the forms and proposed cultivar names have been reviewed and approved by the registrar, the information and photos will be uploaded automatically into the IWGS Plant Database!

*Please note that our registrars work on a volunteer basis and the turnaround time for review and approval will vary based on the season.