Tim Davis

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tim Davis. As many of you may know he publicly shared his journey with illness through years in hopes that some of what he endured may be helpful to others facing similar health issues. He was that kind of person. What you may not know is how much Tim dedicated his time and energy to those in the waterlily world. First and foremost, he had a contagious and genuine smile. You could not be around him without his personality engaging you. Whether in the pond or out, his outspoken nature called to anyone within ear shot to be included in sharing his passion. He was a dedicated hobbyist, gardener and influencer on Facebook and YouTube before they were household names.

Tim was the perpetual volunteer and spent time as the IWGS Journal Editor and webmaster for both the IWGS and International Waterlily Collection. An avid photographer and faithful servant, one might say. He spent well over a decade using his vacations and long holiday weekends to help Ken Landon at the International Waterlily Collection. Dividing, planting, labeling, pruning, storing, photographing and, in general, wholeheartedly loving the display. He was always ready to jump in to help keep things at their finest.   His presence will be missed but the significance of his contributions will be lasting and carried by everyone who knew him.