The mission of the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society (IWGS) is furtherance of all aspects of water gardens and their associated plants. As an organization we support and promote education, research, and conservation in these areas.

The genus Victoria is of special interest to the IWGS because of its uniqueness and use by botanic gardens and public institutions in capturing public interest in aquatic plants.

The purpose of the Victoria Conservancy is to distribute seed and serve as an information resource for growing these fascinating plants.  The  Conservancy is led by the IWGS Board of Directors and run by Board members and community partners.

Each year the Victoria Conservancy distributes a limited number of Victoria seed to IWGS members in good standing who make a qualified request within the noted time frame and cover shipping and handling expenses as directed.

Details for the 2021 distribution of accepted seed orders will be updated here shortly.

Victoria Cruziana Blooming at Hudson Gardens
Victoria Cruziana Blooming at Hudson Gardens
Underside of a Victoria Leaf
Underside of a Victoria Leaf
Vic - seedling1
Vic seedling planted
Vic - young leaves
Vic flower 2nd night