For 2024, Victoria seed will be distributed free of charge except for shipping/handling and any USDA fees associated with shipping costs.
You must choose the appropriate shipping based on your location or your order can not be processed.

Seed must be requested, and all fees paid by January 31, 2024.  Distribution will take place in March, as weather permits.

To request seed you must click the VICTORIA SEED REQUEST FORM  and:

1)  Be a member in good standing of the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society (IWGS)

2)  Agree to all the following qualifications:

  • agree to hold the IWGS harmless from any incidence resulting in the acceptance of seeds or plants
  • agree that the IWGS is unable to provide refunds or replacements
  • agree that, if excess plants are produced, they may only be passed on with complete name and notification to the IWGS of such occurrences
  • agree not to sell seeds provided by the IWGS Victoria Conservancy
  • agree not to distribute later generations of the hybrids  or previously produced seeds from them

3) Provide your mailing information through our online links

4) Select quantity and type of seed.  For 2024 we are offering 10 seeds each Victoria cruziana, Victoria ‘Longwood Hybrid’, Victoria amazonica.

5) Pay United States Post Service (USPS) Priority shipping/handling costs through PayPal as directed. For 2024:

  • USPS Priority Domestic Shipping and Handling via will be $26
  • USPS Priority International
    • Shipping and Handling to include USDA Phyto sanitary certificate via will be $111
  • European Union members only will be shipped from Latour Marliac
    • Shipping and handling via will be $50

Note that seed must be requested and shipping/handling paid by January 31, 2024.

Distribution will take place in March, as weather permits.

Thank you for your interest in growing these very special plants.