Water Garden Journal: 1985 March, Vol. 1 No. 1

The Water Lily Journal: March 1985, Vol. 1, No. 1

In This Issue

Page 1 President’s Message

Page 2 New Water Lily Discovered by W. Pagels

Page 3 Water Lily, Water-lily or Waterlily, Plant Registration, Water Lily Feature, Nymphaea × ‘Antares’ by Patrick Nutt

Page 5 Who Are We? What’s in a Name? Hippuris vulgaris, What’s in a Name? Ceratophyllum submersum

Page 6 Companion Plant Feature: Pickeral Rush by Steven Davis

Page 7 The Chronicles of a Very Small Pond, Part I: Starting from Scratch by Susan Hesselgesser

Page 9 Water Lily Symposium at Longwood Gardens

Page 15 Profile of the Modern Water Garden by G. Ledbetter

Page 17 Hybridizing Nelumbos by Perry Slocum

Page 19 Encyclopedia of the Water Lily, Book Review by W. Pagels

Page 21 The Botanical Name of the American Lotus

Page 22 Note from the Editor

Page 23 Where do the Wild Water Lilies Grow? by W. Pagels 

Page 24 Commercial Members of the Water Lily Society,

Page 24 Help! (An Ongoing Column)