In Memoriam – Ken Landon

Ken, of San Angelo, Texas, has had a long interest in waterlilies including a particular interest in species varieties. He assisted Dr. Bill Turner at the university of Texas in obtaining some rare Nymphaea no longer found in their native habitat. He also located, retrieved and researched Nymphaea ampla var. polysepala and N. flavovirens [N. gracilis] in Mexico, and has written papers on the genus Nymphaea which have been published in Phytologia.

Ken grows many of these rare species lilies at his home and displays them in the IWGS Certified Collection which he established at Civic League Park in San Angelo Texas. He maintains this collection and also guides high school students who work on it. Ken has shared this rare genetic material with other hybridizers and members of the IWGS. He has also had success in hybridisation himself with the introduction of Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’, ‘Ineta Ruth’, ‘Rhonda Kay’ and ‘Jennifer Rebecca’.