Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens has been designated by the International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society as a Nymphaea collection of excellence and a Nelumbo collection of merit.  129 cultivars and species of Nymphaea and 25 cultivars of Nelumbo are displayed in seven water gardens throughout the Gardens' 24-acre property.

Where is it located?

The collection is located in Denver, Colorado, USA at 1007 York Street.  The waterlilies are in bloom from May through late September, while the lotus flower in July and August.

What will I see?

The waterlily collection includes hybrids of historical significance in our “Rocky Mountain Legacy Collection” such as ‘Joey Tomocik’, ‘Colorado’, ’Denver’, and ‘Denver’s Delight’.  Past standout entries in the IWGS New Waterlily Competition such as ‘Detective Erika’, ‘Tuonta’, ‘Manee Red’, ‘Reine du bal’ and many others are also grown annually along with over two dozen Latour- Marliac hybrids which are displayed in our Monet Pool.  Our Nelumbo collection includes 25 varieties displayed in various water gardens and lotus bowls each year.