Speaker Rob Sheldon


  • Aquatic plant cultivation and history.
  • Presentation languages English and French


Rob Sheldon is the current owner of Latour-Marliac, the water lily nursery created in 1875 by Bory Latour-Marliac, which he acquired from Ray and Barbara Davies in 2007.

His aim since then has been to restore and update water lily production and sales while diversifying and developing the business in order to ensure that it survives and thrives for at least another 145 years.

Sheldon grew up in New Hampshire, moving to Paris, France in 2003 to do his Ph.D. in Organization Science.

He built his first pond and bought his first water lily at the age of 12, which led him to start a small speciality landscaping company, Blithestone Waterscapes, during his teenage years.

In 2000 he created Pondforum.com, one of the early online intermediary websites to specialize in water lily and pond equipment sales.

In addition to overseeing operations at Latour-Marliac, Sheldon is also a tenured professor of entrepreneurship at the Parisian business school ESCP Europe.